A sampling of my recent work:

Tablet: “Congregation B’nai Kabul” – Most of the time, Larry Bazer runs a shul in Massachusetts. But for six months he served in the U.S. military as the only rabbi in Afghanistan.

National Geographic Traveler: “A Harvest of Ice” – A short article about the traditional ice harvests that still occur in Maine during the winter. (Note: This article is not available online, so the link is to a pdf.)

NPR’s All Things Considered: “A Veteran’s Journey from the Hitler Youth to the U.S. Army” – A profile of Hank Welzel, a veteran who served in the German Army in World War Two and the U.S. Army during the Korean War.

All About Beer: “Coolship Lands at Allagash Brewing Company” – The rise of craft beer in the United States has awoken a search for authenticity that is leading people like Rob Tod, founder of Allagash Brewing in Portland, Maine, to experiment with a process long since discarded in favor of sanitation and consistency—spontaneous fermentation.

Down East: “The Great Rum Riot” – The hidden history of Maine’s role in the Prohibition movement.

National Geographic Traveler: “Perfectly Walkable Portland” – A walking tour of Portland, Maine. (Note: This article is not available online, so the link is to a pdf.)

CC Magazine: “Making Waves” – Jay Lauf, publisher of The Atlantic, helps turn the iconic magazine around. Last year, the magazine turned a profit for the first time in decades. “How to Photograph Fireworks” – A short piece about the proper way to photograph fireworks, including tips from an expert.

Mainebiz: “Popping the lid off pot” – Maine’s fledgling medical marijuana dispensaries bring the drug from the shadows to Main Street.

CC Magazine: “Food for Thought” – A profile of Michelle Moon, Slow Food USA’s regional governor in northern New England, for Connecticut College’s alumni magazine.

The Portland Phoenix: “Barbarians, legions clash at Holiday Inn” – A fun story I did about a wargaming convention held in Portland, Maine.

Mainebiz: “Fishing for a future” – The first article in my two-part series on offshore aquaculture. This article stems from my reporting trip to Panama and Mexico, funded by the International Center for Journalists.

Mainebiz: “Fishing for a future, part two” – The second article in my two-part series on offshore aquaculture. This article looks at the future of Maine’s domestic aquaculture industry.

Colby Magazine: “Good Work” – A profile of Eddie Woodin, a Colby College graduate, successful businessman and philanthropist.

Mainebiz: “Technology to a tee” – A profile of William Sulinski, co-founder and CEO of AccelGolf, a tech startup in Portland, Maine, making SmartPhone apps for the golf-obsessed.

Mainebiz: “$1.1 Billion” – An article about the importance of federal defense spending to Maine’s economy, from Bath Iron Works to Pratt & Whitney.

Mainebiz: “Building a better bank” – An article about the acquisition of TD Banknorth by its Toronto-based majority shareholder.

Mainebiz: “Trend of epidemic?” – An article from 2006 about Maine physicians leaving private practice to join hospital staffs.

Mainebiz: “Learning to trust the bank” – An article from 2007 about a financial literacy program in Portland designed to help recent immigrants understand the western banking system.

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